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“I just have to thank Monique Carkum Edwards for all she’s taught me about business and the work place!”
Tiffany W.

M.S.W., Founder & Executive Director of Non-Profit Company

“Working with Monique dramatically improved my life. By partnering with her on a journey of self-discovery, I was able to identify my life purpose and values, which equipped me to lead a more focused and effective life. Working with her enhanced my confidence because I came to realize that I am a gift to the world. I highly recommend working with Monique if you are looking for effective coaching!
Jamila A.

Marketing Professional with Top 10 Big Pharma Company

“Pastor Mo, you’re an awesome pastor but what you did for me - everyone doesn’t possess that skill! You are amazing!!! Like absolutely DOPE! Thanks for helping me get my whole life and also making sure it’s in line with my purpose. Spirituality plus practicality is the perfect equation!”
Schivane B.

Speaker, Influencer, Author

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